Kitchen Cabinetry

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There is nothing more satisfying than having your kitchen utensils and stuff stored and neatly organised. We understand that there are items in your kitchen that you just can’t get rid of, and we know for a fact that the more things you collect, the lesser storage you have. This is why Kitchen Renovations Canberra offers the best and customisable kitchen cabinets that can fit your design or the theme of your home.

Here at Kitchen Renovations Canberra, our cabinet specialists can help you decide on the material type, the colour, as well as the accessories that can go perfectly well with your kitchen set up. From the design down to the tiniest detail, allow us to handle everything and to make you the best storage cabinet that you could ever think of. Here are some of the top kitchen cabinet styles that are popular in Australia:

  • Slab Kitchen Cabinet

This is also referred to as the flat-panel cabinet doors, and these kitchen cabinet doors are simple, yet offer some style. The slab or flat-panel kitchen cabinet style features some hard lines to define the outline well, whilst still maintaining that minimalist look. Being a versatile option, it can go well with both contemporary and modern kitchens.

  • Inset Kitchen Cabinet

Suggestive of its name, this type of cabinet consists of an inset door that attaches to the cabinet frame, as opposed to traditional ones that have outside frames. The doors are made to make sure that the wood is fit snugly and perfectly inside the frame when it is opened and closed correctly. They can last really long, but they also come with a hefty price.

  • Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

This is widely available in the market, and this can go with any door style that has the corner of the doors rubbed off. This can go well when you plan on having a rustic-looking kitchen and even in simple ones, too.

  • Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet

This type of cabinet consists of rows of vertical planks that have ridges or beads. This look can be changed, depending on the preference of the owner, and this goes well with country farmhouses or cottage-style kitchen designs.

  • Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet

This type of kitchen cabinet is made out of fibreboard, and it is heat-treated in a plastic coating, making it more durable than most kitchen cabinets. It is highly durable and relatively inexpensive.

At Kitchen Renovations Canberra, the kitchen cabinet options give you more chances of fine-tuning the right type of cabinet that you and your family needs. We have the best finishes too that will guarantee the longevity of the installation. Call us today to know more of our amazing kitchen cabinets in Canberra!