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Having your own benchtop is practical, because you can put more stuff on top without making the place look unorganised and incoherent. A bench top can also serve as the focal point of our kitchen, and it can come in any design, finish, and material. When it comes to this, our benchtop experts at Kitchen Renovations Canberra can help you out.

Our professionals are always ready to bring you the best benchtop installation, and here are the most popular benchtop choices in Canberra:

  • Granite Benchtops – Granite gives off this elegant look, and it boasts the highest durability among the other benchtop materials. It can come in amazing finishes and in various slab sizes to fit your needs.
  • Solid Surface Benchtops – Solid surface is made up of acrylic resin that has a filler of alumina, and it features a seamless and clean look. You can also add that extra effect, since it is transparent.
  • Marble or Natural Stone Benchtops – Marble is also durable like granite; however it may not be that resistant to stains, chips and cracks. Just mind any acidic substance that might spill on the surface, and once it happens, wipe it off immediately.
  • Timber Benchtops – Timber is one of the most easily repaired benchtops, but it is also prone to scratches. To repair it, you can just sand the surface and seal it with oil or polyurethane. Maintenance on this might be frequently observed.
  • Engineered Stone Benchtops – Engineered stone is derived from quartz particles, glass or marbles, and it can be incorporated to a resin or polyester base. You can also have it done in different patterns and colours to match your kitchen design.
  • Laminated Benchtops – Laminate benchtops are from layered paper and chipboard, with a generous layer of melamine. It can be made to look like natural stones and wood.

Proper Selection of Material

If you have finally decided on the design layout of your kitchen, you can choose the right type of benchtop material that will fit your overall kitchen look. In doing so, make sure that the benchtop gets to address your needs whilst ensuring longevity and durability.

The choice of material for the benchtop really depends on your budget, specifications, and the activities that you perform in the kitchen on a daily basis. Worry not if you think you haven’t the slightest know-how on the right type of benchtop for you because our benchtop specialists will be with you. Talk to our professionals at Kitchen Renovations Canberra now!

We Make Your Dream Kitchen Benchtops Come to Life

When it comes to kitchen benchtops, then only trust the leading name, and that is Kitchen Renovations Canberra. If you want the best materials from reputable producers in Australia, then we are the company to call.